Best Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are great for workouts at home. Their compact size means that you don’t need much space. Generally, you also save a bit of money compared with buying a set traditional dumbbells.

Dumbbells are great for many workouts. The independent movement of each arm helps you to get rid of any difference in strength between your left and right side. If you use a barbell or gym machine, your stronger side often does most of the work which will instead increase the difference in strength. Despite that dumbbells are very simple, they can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

Adjustable dumbbells may not be of much interest to hardcore bodybuilders but for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders who want to work out at home, adjustable dumbbells offer a number of advantages. In the beginning, it can often be difficult to coordinate the movement of the dumbbells. But once your muscles have become used to the dumbbells and the difference in strength between your left and right side has decreased, the initial problems will quickly disappear.

Don’t adjustable dumbbells have any shortcomings? Not really but you should be aware of two things. First, the weight range is limited, if you want to lift heavy weight, you may find that adjustable dumbbells are not heavy enough. You need to buy traditional dumbbells for heavy workouts. That said, nowadays you have a few adjustable dumbbells covering amazing weight ranges, up to 90 pounds per dumbbell. Another thing to look out for is that the locking mechanism on the adjustable dumbbells is easy to use but also secure. You don’t want the dumbbells to start falling apart when you are lifting them.

A word of warning is also necessary, the risk of injury is higher than when using gym machines. Also be careful when you are finished with an exercise, lower the dumbbells careful. Otherwise you may end up with a hole in the floor. By doing the exercises with perfect form, you minimize the risk of injury. You should also avoid letting momentum or gravity do part of the work.

Kettlebells have become popular lately but they are not a replacement for dumbbells. That said, you can do many exercise with both dumbbells or kettlebells. But kettlebells are mainly for conditioning rather than building muscles.

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